Favorite Giro Rosa moments

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Giro Rosa team time trial

Sitting down to write about the Giro Rosa, it’s hard to recall the 10 stages of the Giro as a whole event. Put together, the days melt into a sleep-deprived blur of incredible bike racing, hot bus rides, hotels, and hours of video editing. What I remember best are specific moments of stages, atmosphere, shots, feelings.. below are my favorite moments from each stage.


Stage 1

Pure anticipation and excitement. Stage 1 of my first Giro Rosa with this team. I’ve always had a fascination with the team time trial.  The sleek bikes and aero helmets, the whir of disc wheels, the elegance of the team working and turning together, racing against the clock. The team finished a super 4th place, after zero training in the TTT this year.

Giro Rosa team time trial


Stage 2

Each day I arrived in the team bus about an hour ahead of the riders. I had time to shoot some establishing shots of the town, and the staff prepping bikes and bottles.
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OVO Women’s Tour and mega multitasking

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OVO Women's Tour

The OVO Women’s Tour has come and gone. This was a tough tour for both the athletes and the staff.  Long stages that lasted sometimes more than four hours, followed by 2-3 hour transfers, made for very long days. Our team however had a brilliant week, both on and off the bike.

Media pressure and team expectations were high for this race. As a British registered team with a British title sponsor, we all felt pressure to perform well in our roles. I had the added duty of doing social media for the team, in addition to filming. To cover all bases and ensure the content we produced was as strong as possible, the team brought in Aaron Cook, a local filmmaker who has worked previously with the team. With Aaron there, I had the necessary time to do the social media.



Juggling my phone, my camera, and my dji, I could have done with at least one extra set of arms and hands.  
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