Big scary goals

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big scary goals

Exactly one year ago, I wrote some career goals down on a piece of paper. In top position on that list was to create video content for women’s pro cycling. This was a super big scary goal and I had no idea how to make it a reality.

Creating videos started out as a hobby 2 years ago. I followed my Italian friends around to their triathlon races and started filming them. Then I started filming absolutely everything. Races, food festivals, my city, my travels. I took a travel filmmaking course. I even started vlogging, which was completely goofy!  People slowly started commenting that I had a keen eye for capturing the emotion of athletes and races.

Suddenly in late September I had the realisation that if I really wanted to be filming women’s cycling, I actually had to go out and film women’s cycling. It sounds pretty darn obvious, doesn’t it? For me it was a clear moment of understanding that what you want isn’t just going to fall into your lap. You have to go and get it.

Do the work

I grabbed my camera and laptop, made some hotel arrangements and drove to Tuscany to follow and film the Women’s Giro della Toscana. Did I feel ready? Does anyone ever feel ready?

Weighing on my mind even more than the logistics of 3 days of navigating, filming and editing by myself, was the fear of actually putting these videos out there in public. Out there to the online women’s cycling world for everyone to see.  Taking a leap and publishing your own work is super scary. It’s also the only way to move yourself towards a goal. Do a huge amount of work, and put it out there.

Create your own luck

I met Valentina Scandolara at a Strongher ride at Lake Garda in 2015. Having a passion for creating videos in common, we stayed in touch and became friends. We discussed various ideas and cool things that we would like to see more of in women’s cycling. Vale introduced me to the team manager of the then Rabobank-Liv team. She suggested that I ride along with them during the Giro dell’Emilia and do a behind the scenes video. It was another big step beyond my comfort zone, but a step right into a massive opportunity.



I published the Rabobank video in mid October. Ella Cycling Tips even wrote a small feature about it. A few weeks later I had a job offer from Wiggle High5.  Wiggle High5 is one of the few, if not the only team in the women’s peloton to have a full time staff videographer. I am insanely thrilled to be a part of their media team for 2017.

This all happened so quickly and feels like a huge pile of luck. Luck is tricky. To most it looks accidental and random. But after experiencing it myself, I now firmly believe that you create your own luck. Get moving and start building the big volume of work, immerse yourself in the environment, talk to the right people. Be prepared and open and ready to grab the new opportunities that come along as a result.

I recently returned from the first races in Australia with Wiggle High5. I wrote a bit about my time in Australia here. It was amazing and stressful and a huge learning experience. I came away more determined to keep improving my creativity, cinematography, editing and storytelling. I want to use this space on this blog to write about these discoveries and experiences, and share them with you.

Thanks for checking out this site. The Classics season is fast approaching, I look forward to experiencing all that craziness for the first time and sharing it with you.

There are several amazing people that have given me so much advice and support in the last months, I have thanked them all multiple times. You are insanely appreciated!!!

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  1. Coreen, as always you are courageous, talented, brilliant & capable! I am a huge fan of your spectacular work. It is honest, emotional& beautiful like it’s creator.

  2. This is awesome! What a great story about making your dreams happen. Well done – you write well. Now I need to watch the videos!

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