Big scary goals

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big scary goals

Exactly one year ago, I wrote some career goals down on a piece of paper. In top position on that list was to create video content for women’s pro cycling. This was a super big scary goal and I had no idea how to make it a reality.

Creating videos started out as a hobby 2 years ago. I followed my Italian friends around to their triathlon races and started filming them. Then I started filming absolutely everything. Races, food festivals, my city, my travels. I took a travel filmmaking course. I even started vlogging, which was completely goofy!  People slowly started commenting that I had a keen eye for capturing the emotion of athletes and races.

Suddenly in late September I had the realisation that if I really wanted to be filming women’s cycling, I actually had to go out and film women’s cycling. It sounds pretty darn obvious, doesn’t it?
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