Comfort zone – don’t hang out there too long

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comfort zone

It is generally accepted that hanging out in your comfort zone hinders creative growth. It’s like reaching a plateau in your endurance training. It’s a decent level of fitness to be at, but you’re not really getting any better.

During the Spring Classics I hit a creative plateau. My videos have recently all taken on the same formula.

  • Pre-race prep scenes
  • An interview or two
  • Race footage
  • Post-race reactions

I know how to do this now. I can do it in my sleep. It works. But it’s also predictable.

To some degree it’s just the nature of the races and of racing. I film what happens, often too literally. Until now I haven’t dug much deeper.

But there is always more than one angle to film from, different questions to ask, and different equipment to use. During this week at home I’ve reached out to a few people to understand what they would like to see more of in these videos. Starting next week in China I will try to incorporate these new ideas.



Perhaps it’s also the definition of the job┬áthat I need to break free from. Videographer. A videographer is some amateur who shows up to an event and shoots it literally, straight on. Ultimately I am striving to be more than that – a visual creative and visual storyteller. Maybe it sounds corny or buzzwordy, but there is a difference.



So here’s my challenge now, to start to move this bar a little bit in the second half of the racing season.

The Spring Classics are already behind us. Now it’s time for some stage races! Tomorrow I start my round the world trip. First up is Tour of Chongming Island in Shanghai, and it’s then right to Amgen Tour of California. Who knows.. I might even sneak a travel vlog in here or there.




4 thoughts on “Comfort zone – don’t hang out there too long

  1. This reminds me of the quote: If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Totally agreed with your sentiments. Keep striving, Coreen. Your videos are getting better and better.

    1. Hey Paul! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, it means so much. Great quote too, thanks for the motivation.

  2. I agree with Paul. Your continued improvement is obvious and I’m always thrilled when I see a new video of yours in my YouTube subscriptions.

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