I hope all the travel isn’t wearing you out too much

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The team had a weekend off of racing. I had my first weekend at home in 6 weeks. It’s been nice to sleep in my own bed, get back on my bike, and catch up with friends. One of these friends said, “I hope all the travel isn’t wearing you out too much.”

The truth is, travel has been a part of every job of my adult life. Race management took me all over the US nearly every weekend for 12 years. I did the timing and results for the Silicon Valley Marathon, Houston Marathon, Baltimore Marathon, Ironman New Zealand, ITU World Championships in Queenstown, and even the original Athens Marathon in Greece. Then after moving to Europe, working as a cycling tour guide took me all over Italy and France.

Now working for a professional women’s cycling team, this travel trend is not slowing down. In the last 5 weeks, I’ve been to the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Belgium twice.



Though I have always loved this lifestyle, it is not without sacrifice. While I was in Belgium for Gent-Wevelgem and Flanders, I missed my 10th wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. I didn’t score great points there.. But I knew before taking this job that I would miss these dates, so it wasn’t a surprise. Knowing in advance still didn’t make these days any easier though. This was tough..

The other side effect is my own dwindling fitness. Days in the car and countless hours of editing have made me flabby and stiff. Each time I come home, I spend all the days painfully foam rolling out the kinks in my quads and hips, just to go on the next trip and ruin them all over again.


Spending too much time at home though gets me feeling itchy. I start to feel cooped up and overly domesticated. I miss being so fully immersed in the cycling world that I forget what’s happening in the real world. Being with the team, and all sharing in the hard work and victories and defeats together. I am busy moving and creating. This makes me feel alive.

The next trip to Belgium is this Friday. For the rest of the week I will fully enjoy the perfect Italian spring weather, ride as much as I can, hug my husband a lot, and enjoy coffees with friends.

So to answer the original question.. No. The travel isn’t wearing me out too much.  Well… ok, ask me that again in a few weeks time, after China.


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