OVO Women’s Tour and mega multitasking

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OVO Women's Tour

The OVO Women’s Tour has come and gone. This was a tough tour for both the athletes and the staff.  Long stages that lasted sometimes more than four hours, followed by 2-3 hour transfers, made for very long days. Our team however had a brilliant week, both on and off the bike.

Media pressure and team expectations were high for this race. As a British registered team with a British title sponsor, we all felt pressure to perform well in our roles. I had the added duty of doing social media for the team, in addition to filming. To cover all bases and ensure the content we produced was as strong as possible, the team brought in Aaron Cook, a local filmmaker who has worked previously with the team. With Aaron there, I had the necessary time to do the social media.



Juggling my phone, my camera, and my dji, I could have done with at least one extra set of arms and hands.  I wanted the social media images to be something special, a bit emotive and different. Instead of the usual photos of team sign on etc, I tried hard to capture intimate moments, and unusual angles. If you scroll back through the team’s Instagram, you can probably tell right where I started. The feedback from different people on the team has been positive, I hope to continue in this role.



For our filming, Aaron drove the video content from a planning perspective. I was second camera. While he did the physical editing, we both contributed to the overall story each day.  For sure we each have different editing styles. Anyone who watched the videos can see that they were a bit different this week. But we worked quite well together.

I enjoyed seeing how Aaron uses dialog and simple but descriptive interviews to drive the story. This is definitely something I can build upon for my work. He liked my tightly zoomed detail shots, and my footage from the team car. Both of our footage merged together well to create the story each day. If we’d had only one person filming each day, these stories would not have been so complete.

One minor thing that stood out to me in the final edits was the obvious fact that we used 2 different primary cameras. The color profiles were not consistent. My color profile was flat. Aaron’s was quite green. Being so pressed for time each day, color grading was not a priority for us. Getting the story right was the priority. With more time in the day this would have been remedied, but we were already pushing our limits with around 5 hours of sleep per night.



Aaron unfortunately had to leave right after stage 4, so I had stage 5 to finish up on my own. I filmed the interviews with Audrey and Claudia the night after stage 4, and got that audio edited to lay down the foundation of the final video. On Sunday there was ample time to film (probably too much time) as the teams had to arrive in London quite early for security reasons.

I had never been to a race that had such great crowds. The atmosphere was buzzing around Piccadilly Circus. The race ended up being too quick to wander too far. I filmed a few laps at Trafalgar Square, then headed back to the finish line.



After the race and podium ceremony, Audrey and I left the race together to head to our airport hotel. Dragging bags and bikes through the busy London underground, so many kind people stopped and offered us help. We rolled in around 8pm, showered, and had a nice dinner together. Audrey then drifted off to sleep, as I stayed up and finished the video. Finally done around 1:30am, I let the video upload while I fell sleep. My alarm went off literally just a few hours later at 4:00am to head to the airport. I sent out video tweets and facebook posts from my airplane seat before takeoff.

Happy to be home now, but the OVO Women’s Tour was a great time. Many podiums, many laughs, and a great bunch of staff who put up with cameras being in their face all week.. I look forward to this group again at the Giro Rosa.

Stage 5 video:

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